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Haven Nest

High Pressure Air Drain Blaster

High Pressure Air Drain Blaster

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Effortlessly Clear Clogs with Our High-Pressure Air Drain Blaster – Your Eco-Friendly Solution to Plumbing Problems!

Experience the ease of unclogging toilets, sinks, and drains with our High-Pressure Air Drain Blaster. This versatile and powerful tool is designed to tackle the most stubborn blockages in your plumbing system. Forget the hassle of smelly chemicals and challenging cleaning tasks – our air drain blaster is here to provide a practical, convenient, and efficient solution. It's a must-have for any household, making it easier than ever to maintain clean and functional pipes.

💧 Versatile Dredging Device: Suitable for a variety of blockages in toilets, sinks, and other drains.

♻️ Eco-Friendly Cleaning: Eliminates the need for harsh chemicals, offering an environmentally safe alternative.

🔄 Easy and Safe to Use: Features an ergonomic handle and a safety valve design, ensuring comfortable and secure operation.

🔍 Pressure Gauge: Equipped with a barometer for monitoring air pressure, enhancing the effectiveness and safety of use.

🚫 Anti-Backflow Design: Improved to prevent sewage backflow, with a robust gas outlet that withstands high pressure.

🛠️ Simple Installation: New plug design for quick setup and compatibility with various pipe types.

💥 High-Pressure Mechanism: Operates without electricity, using high-speed air jets to clear blockages effectively.

Usage Instructions: Choose the appropriate dredging head, attach it to the mainframe, and use the inflator to pump air. Position the device over the drain and activate the high-pressure blast to clear the blockage.

Optimal Usage Tips:

  • Ideal for regular home maintenance to prevent and clear pipe blockages.
  • After use, clean and dry the components for storage.
  • Regularly check the pressure gauge to ensure proper function.

Safety Warnings:

  • Do not exceed the recommended air pressure.
  • Ensure all connections are secure before use.


  • Product Category: Toilet Suction
  • Material: ABS
  • Product Size: 52159.5cm

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Mainframe (with Barometer)
  • 1 x Toilet Dredging Head
  • 1 x Vegetable Washing Pool Dredging Head
  • 1 x Floor Drain Dredging Head
  • 1 x Transfer Elbow
  • 1 x Inflator
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